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—  Dinner  —

”If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.”
Julio Cesar Chavez



Elote Balls   8
lightly fried corn, cilantro, chipotle, lime, parmesan

Anchovy Crostini   6
house pickled anchovies, habanero butter, grilled sourdough, dill

Fried Mushrooms   7
deep fried mushrooms, roasted garlic aioli

Pasilla Pepper Cornbread   9
fresh corn, pasilla honey butter, chili salt

Mushroom Toast   13
mushroom medley, roasted garlic, creme fraiche, thick cut grilled sourdough

Short Rib Hummus  14
chickpeas, sesame, braised beef short ribs, roasted peppers, pita

Grilled Duck Hearts   12
tamari marinade, miso butter, scallion relish, pickled onions

Banh Mi Tacos   12
slow cooked pork, cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro+mint+lime aioli

Potato Tacos   10
crispy red potatoes, seasoned cabbage, chipotle aioli, citrus pickled onions

Barbacoa Tacos   12
spicy slow cooked beef, onions, fresh cilantro, spicy green sauce


Brussel Sprouts   10
balsamic glaze, blue cheese, roasted garlic aioli

Seasoned Fries   7
fresh cut, seasoned, chipotle aioli

Chips & Mango Salsa   7
house fresh mango salsa, wonton chips

Texas Queso & Chips   9
melted cheese, refried beans, green chilies, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, corn chips

Shishito Peppers   9
housemade garlic ponzu, crispy seasoned potatoes, sesame seeds

Half Cauliflower   14
seared and baked cauliflower, tomato sugo, raita, parmesan, garlic, fresh herbs

Grilled Caesar Salad   14
romaine, pickled anchovies, bacon, heirloom tomatoes, parmesan, roasted pepper crostini
add chicken   5

Taco Salad   14
slow cooked chicken, grilled romaine, avocado, heirloom tomato, onion, cilantro, cotija cheese, house catalina dressing

Miso Apple Salad    14
spring lettuce mix, fried enoki mushrooms, apples, bean sprouts, red onion, walnuts, miso-ginger dressing


Parisian Gnocchi   14
vegetable stock, spinach, sauteed mushrooms, parmesan, roasted garlic pan sauce
add chicken   5

Chicken Pad Thai    18
slow cooked chicken, shrimp, rice noodles, egg, garlic, chilis, lime, mushrooms, cilantro, roasted peanuts

Jambalaya  19
farro risotto, andouille sausage, marinated shrimp, braised chicken, crawfish, cajun spice, caramelized onions and peppers, green onions

Fijian Curry   18
caramelized onions, roasted carrots, mild curry spices, peppers, red potatoes, grilled pineapple, coconut milk, white rice, quinoa, mint, pita
add chicken   5

Kimchi Fried Rice    15
fried rice, kimchi, pickled onions, cucumber, egg, salsa verde
add slow cooked pork  4

Cheeseburger   16
lamb+beef+pork patty pan seared in bacon fat, cheddar, fried onions, shredded lettuce, smoky ketchup,  brioche bun
add:  fried egg  2    bacon  3  
queso  3     fries  4

The Farm Burger   20
lamb+beef+pork patty pan seared in duck fat, bacon, goat cheese, fried onions, pickled peppers, heirloom tomatoes, roasted garlic aioli, brioche bun
add:  egg 2   queso  3   fries  4

Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffles   18
fried chicken, sweet & spicy sauce, waffles, honey butter, syrup

Hanger Steak   28
tamari marinade, black garlic vinaigrette, roasted miso butter, crispy red potatoes, mixed greens
add fried egg  2


—  Brunch  —


Avocado    12
squaw bread, avocado, roasted miso butter, heirloom tomatoes, pickled onions, fried egg

Parfait    10
squaw bread, greek yogurt, honey, macerated berries, granola, grapefruit zest

Smoked Salmon    14
sourdough, smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, fried capers

Strawberry Burrata    13
squaw bread, house made berry jam, burrata, macerated strawberries, granola, rosewater

French    13
white bread, banana, powdered sugar, butter-rum syrup, whipped cream


Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffle   15
fried chicken, sweet & spicy glaze, honey butter, maple syrup

Country Fried Chicken & Waffle   16
fried chicken, sausage gravy

Bacon, Chicken & Waffle   15
fried chicken, crumbled bacon, maple syrup, whipped cream

Fried Chicken & Waffle Benedict   16
fried chicken, spinach, fried eggs, hollandaise sauce


Breakfast Tacos    10
pan fried chorizo, scrambled egg, cheddar, avocado green sauce, cilantro

Eggs Benedict    14
buttered english muffins, pan fried canadian bacon, fried eggs, spinach, hollandaise sauce

Chilaquiles    15
fried corn tortillas, slow cooked beef barbacoa, eggs, cheddar, avocado sauce, cilantro, avocado, pickled onions

Huevos Rancheros    14
fried corn tortillas, creamy refried beans, pico de gallo, pickled peppers, cheddar, fried eggs

Shakshuka    14
roasted tomato stew, eggs, burrata, yogurt, peppers, cilantro, grilled sourdough

Croque Madame    16
sourdough, smoked salmon, dijon, gruyere, parmesan, bechamel, fried egg

All American    20
hanger steak, crispy red potatoes, black garlic vinaigrette, miso butter, applewood bacon, fried eggs

Grilled Caesar Salad   14
romaine, pickled anchovies, bacon, heirloom tomatoes, parmesan, roasted pepper crostini
add chicken   5